5940 Todd St.
Bradenton, FL 34207
(813) 727-1304
University of Florida, Astrophysics, Computer Science
Clemson University, Computer Science
Manatee Junior College, Psychology, Computer Science
BASIC, FORTRAN, Assembly Language, COBOL, APL, FORTH, C, dBase, FoxBase/Pro, Newton Script, bash, ksh, Perl 5, Windows ME/NT/2k/XP, Linux (Red Hat), SCO Unix, MS Office, Open Office, HTML, PHP, MySQL, Gentran: Director(EDI), Gentran:Mentor (EDI), Business Basic (BBX), Virtuozzo, Open VZ, HSPcomplete (now Parallels), dotProject, Nagios, Munin, MRTG, MediaWiki, BackupPC
Networks, Protocols and Infrastructure:
AppleTalk, Microsoft (NetBui, smb), Samba, TCP/IP, DHCP, DNS, SSH, SNMP, FTP, HTTP, HTTPS, POP, SMTP
PDP-8E, PDP-11/45, DG NOVA, DG Micro-Nova, ARM10, 1802, 6502, 8080, 8085, Z80, 680x0(Mac), 80x86(IBM), ARM110(Netwinder)
NEC-IVMS 2400 w/ ACD3, NEAX Mail & Navigator

General Background:

Current work as a consultant and President of Penguix, Inc., specializing in Linux based Internet hosting and Systems Administration in Internet (Mail, FTP, Web services, firewall), Virtualization and High Availability related systems. Providing network planning, specification, evaluation and installation of hardware, software and provisioning of data and voice facilities.

Strong background in programming and software design, both at a systems (C, sh, Perl) and applications (FoxPro, Basic, Perl, PHP) level, with additional experience in data acquisition and real-time systems. Equally well versed in electronics including TV, cable TV systems, satellite systems, computers, automation control, lasers, board level and chip level design and repair. Also knowledgeable in real estate, psychology, astrophysics and physical / electronic security management. Continuously self educating, by reading approx. 15 trade journals per month in several disciplines and by attending all pertinent trade shows to above when possible. Able to rapidly assimilate new languages and hardware systems.


8/1999 to Present
Penguix, Inc.: PRESIDENT

10/96 to 6/2000
Flowers Direct: MIS DIRECTOR

4/93 to 96

4/89 to 8/96
Seahawk Deep Ocean Technology: D. P. MANAGER / SYSTEMS ENGINEER

8/82 to 12/88
Robinson Electronics: SYSTEMS CONSULTANT
(Self employed, computer consulting, custom electronics)

7/81 - 1/82
North Florida Evaluation and Treatment Center: ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN I
(Maximum Security Mental Health Facility)

Self Employed

6/78 to 11/79
The Computer Store

5/76 to 6/78
Robinson Electronics: (different from other Robinson Electronics, Worked for father in cable TV business)

1974 to 1976
Bishop Space Transit Planetarium & South Florida Museum:

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