Summary:            Dynamic professional with twenty-two years experience in systems design, programming, implementation and training in many software disciplines.  Emphasis on providing solutions, solving problems and adding value to organizations.


Work History

Independent Consultant -- Scottsdale, AZ -- November 2000 – Present                                   

Key Results:

·         Create an EC business strategy encompassing Web Services and Service Oriented Architecture for A-Dec in Newberg, OR.  Responsible for creating the project plan and phased implementation schedule for Web Services deployment at A-Dec.

·         Installed EDIINT(1/2), AS1, AS2 secure communications systems for Sanmina Corporation in Manchester, NH.  Created training documentation for future reinstallation of these systems. Evaluated system performance for Gentran Web Suite and Gentran Server in order to determine weaknesses in system architecture and deployment methods.

·         Develop EDI maps and reengineer business processes utilizing Gentran Server for NT mapping tools for Belden Cable Systems in Phoenix, AZ.

·         Provide EDI business consulting and process implementation for CommerceLink in Austin, TX.  Recent assignments include Merchant’s Tire (Manassas, VA) and Brown-Forman (Louisville, KY).

·         Develop and implement EDI maps and software interfaces for JC Penney’s and Flowers Direct (Tampa, FL).  Transaction sets include 810, 820, 824, 850, 855, 860’s.

·         Provide security consulting and documentation services to Cyclone Commerce (Scottsdale, AZ).

·         Develop and implement VPN secure tunnel using IPSec and Linux-Cisco router solution.

·         Provide network and security management related consulting and training specifically related to Internet firewall implementation strategies and usage.


Hewlett-Packard -- Scottsdale, AZ -- April 2000 – November 2000    

System Engineer – Network Management

·         Worked as a technical network management consultant to sales providing pre-sales assistance for sales people and customers.

·         Trouble shoot network management software problems for customers in my region.

·         Perform sales presentations and demonstrations of network infrastructure solutions.


Independent Consultant – Scottsdale, AZ -- April 1997 – April 2000

Wells Fargo, San Francisco, CA                                                               

·        Developed a web-based application for Wells-Fargo Home Equity Services which enables loan customers to check their loan status over the Internet., Scottsdale, AZ

·         Managed the conversion from GEIS Enterprise to GENTRAN: Server for NT at an Internet retailer (  Responsibilities include maintaining the existing EDI translation environment while coordinating the development of internal XML DTD standards and  conversion of maps, trading partners and communications interfaces.


Flowers Direct(FTD), Tampa, FL

·        Developed a TCP/IP based telephone switch interface to a retail order entry system for an Automated Call Distribution switch in Tampa, FL.

McKesson/HBOC, San Francisco, CA

·        Designed, developed and implemented the communications interfaces for SAP/ALE/EDI-Electronic Commerce translation at McKesson/HBOC pharmaceuticals in San Francisco, CA.

- Installed GENTRAN:Dataguard and developed interface modules to GENTRAN:Server.

- Maintained Connect:Direct, Connect:Mailbox interfaces to GENTRAN:Server.

- Electronic Commerce gateway infrastructure development in Perl, UNIX shell for interface to GENTRAN:Mentor/Server application.


Allied Signal, Chandler, AZ

·        Responsible for implementing SAP - E/C-EDI maps and gateway infrastructure interfaces using GENTRAN:Mentor/Server, Perl and UNIX shell at Allied Signal in Chandler, AZ.


·        Constructed and implemented Internet security firewalls using hybrid Linux packet filtering and software proxies for retail electronic commerce web sites in Philadelphia, PA.


Rosenet Inc., Scottsdale, AZ

·        Designed and developed an electronic commerce/secure Internet transaction server (Linux,  Apache SSL, CGI, Perl, Java) for Rosenet Inc, in Scottsdale, AZ.


Motorola, Tempe, AZ

·        Developed UNIX systems administration educational software courses and provided systems administration and systems configuration for Motorola-EMTEK medical software systems in Tempe, AZ.


Kellogg’s, Battle Creek, MI

·        Integrated business systems with EC/EDI translation software in an SAP UNIX and NT environment (UNIX shell, ORACLE SQL, (C-PL/SQL), Perl/AWK/SED) at Kellogg’s in Battle Creek, MI.  Developed legacy to client/server applications integration software.

·        Developed UNIX Sockets applications for an online credit card transaction authorization system and cellular message transfer interface.


Sterling Commerce Inc., (SBC) – Dublin, OH -- April 1994 – March 1997

Senior Sales Engineer/Consultant                                   

·        Consulted with and implemented custom Electronic Commerce/EDI software solutions for companies using SAP, Baan and Oracle ERP and GENTRAN:Mentor, GENTRAN:Director, Connect:Direct for UNIX, Connect:Mailbox for UNIX, 2780/3780 Bi_Sync (Cleo).

·        Provided classroom training, consulting services and project management to Fortune 500 companies.

·        Instructed consulting and sales staff in product training seminars.

·        Acted as a liaison between technical personnel and upper management.

·        Assisted in the closing of major sales contracts.

·        Performed technical sales presentations.


            2001 – Arizona State University

                        Tempe, AZ

                        Liberal Arts and Sciences (continuing)


                        1996 – University Of Phoenix

                        Scottsdale, AZ

                        Business management classes


                        1980 – Wayne State University

                        Detroit, MI

                        Major music, minor computer science (non-degreed)



Training:          Windows NT administration.

                        Internet client programming.

                        Sun Java Certification Training

                        HP OpenView Certification Training

                        Linux System Engineer Certification Training


Advanced Computer & Technology Skills

·         SAP-R/3 ALE/EDI interface configuration and implementation.


·         Knowledge of HIPAA requirements (EDIINT-1 & 2 and EDI transaction sets.)


·         EDI project management and implementation (SAP-R/3, GENTRAN Server for

UNIX and NT,GEIS Enterprise and TSI-Mercator).


·         UNIX systems and fire wall security and administration (Linux, HP-UX, AIX, Sun-Solaris, Sun-OS, SCO, NCR-AT&T).


- (Programming Languages)

Java                              Perl                              C/C++                           Visual Basic

Business Basic (BBx)    PL/SQL                         TCP/IP Sockets                       


- (Scripting Languages)

JavaScript                     Shell (Bourne, Korn)            sed                               awk

SQL                              HTML                            XML                              PHP


- (Operating Systems)

Linux                            SCO-UNIX                 HP-UX                           AIX

Sun-Solaris                   Sun-OS             Windows 9(x)                Windows NT/2000



IBM RS/6000                 Sun Sparc                HP 9000                 Intel x86


Product Knowledge

SAP R3-ALE/IDOC            ANSI-EDI X12             EDIFACT

GENTRAN:Server            GENTRAN:Mentor            GENTRAN:Dataguard            GENTRAN:Director Connect:Direct               Connect:Mailbox            TSI-Mercator


HP OpenView Certified in: NNM, VPO-UNIX / Windows, OmniBack


HP OpenView Trained in: Service Desk, Internet Service Tools, Performance Tools


Microsoft BackOffice / SBS / Exchange Server            Microsoft Networking

Firewall Toolkit (FWTK)            Apache Web Server   Samba (SMB Server)  HTTPS Web Services

Sendmail/Qmail             DNS/BIND                     2780/3780 Bi-Sync     SNMP / RMON / RMON2



Various asynchronous communication packages (TERM, Kermit, Pro-Comm, PC-Anywhere)



Computer Skills

ANSI X12, EDIFACT, etc. standards knowledge.


Literate in MS Office and multiple PC software packages.



Knowledge            Retail-Wholesale/Distribution, Manufacturing, Health Care, Medical/Dental


References and additional information available upon request.